Healthy Nourished Soul

'It’s really easy to focus on all the bad, but when you look at the good things, it really changes your whole day.'

Introducing this beautiful, inspirational soul - my dear friend Ashleigh Powell, co-founder and former director of Axel & Ash - publisher behind much loved and popular journals, such as Wanderlust, Bucketlist, Road Trip and my personal favourite Pause. Ash is a Sydney based entrepreneur who has inspired me along my journey so much. From the first time I picked up her journal ‘Pause’ (which literally changed my life in so many ways), to the first time I met her over a year ago, she has continually inspired me to chase my dreams and live out my dream story! 

Today we talk about her personal and professional journey so far, and how nearly a year ago she had a life threatening motor vehicle accident, which resulted in her being in hospital for over six months, and being forced to let go of her company due to unfortunate reasons. Ash has certainly been put through the ringer this past year, so to speak, but being as brave and resilient as she is, she has remained positive and has come out the other side stronger and more determined than ever to embrace all the incredible possibilities in her second chance of life.

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