#RadLivin Speakers

'You know when you sit across from someone and you can just feel their passion? Their zest. Their inspiration. Their ease. Their fire.'

Even if you yourself weren’t too sure if magic was real, you knew that they did, which helped you to believe that you could find it for yourself. As I sat and sipped my coffee, I was reminded of the ‘just go for it’ feeling you get when it’s Friday, or a time where you feel like you owe it to yourself to let loose, have fun and to do exactly what you love to do. They lived differently.

You could see it in their beaming eyes. They don’t wait for the weekend. They don’t wait for things to be perfect or for others to give them permission to follow their passions. They commit to a life filled with purpose, excitement and adventure, now.

Meet Hanna and Ash, founders of Axel & Ash.

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